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Hi, I am Teddy Marks, a photographer from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Photography has always been a part of my life, and I wonder why I haven’t done this more intense from the very beginning … it is my passion … I love it.
Here in my shop you find high-class prints to buy.

Well, many things have happened lately. And since I have been asked every now and when, how and where you can buy prints of my pictures, there is now the Teddy Marks Webshop directly from my page. How cool is that?
From now on, you can find here selected visual motifs as high-class prints and these are really very classy. I am working together with two top-notch print shops, who specifically manufacture the prints after your order on the best material available.

And always come back and have a look. There will be new pictures.
The gallery is open 24/7.

My inspiration is the challenge and my challenge is the inspiration. And if someone asks me about my inspiration I say, the beauty of this world, this life. It is so precious and unique, and an endless treasure of experience and miracles every single day. With a picture we take a short moment of it home and preserve it forever in our hearts and souls and then, eventually share this moment with other people around the world.

Passion for love, art and photography.
teddycation …